Experimentation is messy fun done with no expectations. It’s play. Experimentation is not caring about the outcome, but caring about the fun of seeing what happens--
and that is raw art.
(Quinn McDonald, Raw Art Journaling)

What fun it is to experiment and play with words and art. Once a month, I facilitate a workshop type class where we play with art and celebrate our created self. I wanted to build on our theme of "Seeing NEW" by playing with words as our focal point, rather than image this time.

This desire led me to adapt an idea from Quinn McDonald's book, Raw Art Journaling. I passed around random pages from Anne Lindbergh Morrow's classic, Gift from the Sea, to each participant. They bravely experimented with this somewhat intimidating technique.

I encouraged them to scan rather than read the text, in order to circle phrases that stood out to them and SEE what would surface. And to our glad surprise, each one came up with a message just for them, which also encouraged the rest of us, as they read them out loud.

Here are four of the offerings from our journey together. (We photographed the pages. Some were clearer than others, so I will share the text under each found poem.)

Found by Kelly

a walk in the country
awakened to a new sense
to surrender
to a true appreciation of
the here and now and the individual
the saint, the poet
the woman,
never quite forgotten,
member of the family
the spontaneity of now
the vividness of here
this is

Found by Janet

“Moon Shell”

State of solitude
Take or leave it
Avoid rejection ~ WallFlower panic
We never need be alone any more
At our side
Day-dreaming creative.

Found by Carol

"coming of age"
competing with another
find her true center
follow the advice of the poet
to expand the neglected sides
the art of inward looking
personal relationship
has been too rushed

Found by Tracy

spiritual freedom and peace
I remember
luxury of choice
complication of life
security, comfort or beauty
wind, sun, smell
new eyes

Have you ever tried to find a poem in a text before? Would love to hear about your experience in the comments.