Three weeks into a fresh writing practice, joining with Sandra Heska King and Dave Harrity and other brave explorers. Each week, we are reading and writing through exercises to generate a writing habit and a small poem. Our text is Dave's book, Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity and the Kingdom at Hand

This week found us observing nature, jotting notes, painting small scenes with words, filling in blanks, webbing out associations, mulling over animal metaphors and much more.

The following poem sifted through the exercises to various forms and revisions in the space provided and now typed into this space.

I am deer--
standing quiet
in a mist of mystery.

Plural or singular?
Sensitive or strong?
Poised or scared?

Mist revises into smoke searing
through layers of question

Am I molded or free?

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During the second week of working through Making Manifest, the process started and sputtered like an old car. I poked memories that lie dormant for decades. I bravely returned to a few, like that first kiss to see what really happened. The word "potential" surfaced over and over, as I worked at unearthing the words that matter to me, that mean something to me.

I found myself daydreaming about others comments and their assessment of my writing--my offering of my memories. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be applauded. Yet when I defaulted into performer mode, where I must have an audience, my writing stalled.

Writing is seed. A seed buried in me from early on. I loved spelling, grammar, and vocabulary lists. And even now, the potential drives me to keep company with words. It is necessary for me to thrive, audience or not.

And now, the poem:


A desire that intrigues like a
femme fatale.

A dream that startles like an
unexpected kiss.

A hope that soars like an
well handled kite.

A need that sparks an

A wilderness that
beckons . . .

Linking with the lovely, Sandra Heska King, and the company of other beautiful "poemias" at her blog.
The last couple posts (here and here), I have been showing off the postcards that have graced my mailbox this month. Today, I wanted to share the ones that I created to bring some artsy sunshine to others.

I designed each postcard on pre-cut watercolor paper postcards. I used a feather stencil to monoprint each card on my gelli arts printing plate. After that I just chose different stamps and other ephemera to embellish each card. I used acrylic paints with some stazon ink for the stamps. For the finishing touch, I glued sticker words to each card. To fill in the colors after the monoprinting, I used brushes, my fingers and a brayer. Sometimes I wiped off paint with a baby wipe. I really just had fun and used techniques that I have been playing with over the past year or so!
store bought stamp
repeating alphabet vinyl stamp
subtle squares stamp
added yellow paint after monoprinting
this one has a doily heart incorporated into it
handmade diamond stamp for overall background print. hand painted sun and heart
robot was leftover backing from a adhesive foam shape. repeating ovals stamp handmade
weave stamp over feather stamp, added red layer after stencils
handmade circle stencil and eiffel tower stamps
magazine strips painted over using acrylic tube as applicator
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Slowly, I gather the mail. Over the past week, three more DIY postcards arrived from all over the world.
DIY Postcard #3 is from Chris who blogs at parabolicmuse. I love the colors and the found poetry. The flow of this card makes me want to turn it like a steering wheel back and forth to see the various perspectives. I am intrigued by the phrase "familiar car." I feel prompted to free write about the phrase in my journal. I lost the envelope in my stacks, so I can't remember where it travelled from within the USA.
DIY Postcard #4 arrived all the way from the Netherlands from Randy! Click here to read and see more about her process in creating this card. I love the cloud and watercolor rain streaks watering the black flora and fauna.
DIY Postcard #5 arrived the other day from some place in the USA. I couldn't discern from the postmark where this whimsical card flew in from. I like how Cindy uses gray tones to contrast with the bright pink, green and orange trio. I love circles, how did she know?

Thank you one and all for sending some artsy sunshine into my world!
I signed up about a month ago, and now the time has arrived. The iHanna DIY Postcard Swap has begun. Ten painted post cards were handed over to my post office here in middle America to be scattered to the ends of the earth. Little did I realize at the same time I was sending, two postcards for me would arrive in the mail this afternoon. One in a enveloped sealed with groovy tape and one sans envelope.
Hand-cancelled from Nesconset, NY with pretty butterfly stamp and groovy tape.
The postcard inside was from a first timer, like me. Thanks Natalie! I love the quote:

"The secret of being"  (Rev Ron)
Love the texture and the fun bug with wings!
The second one hails from Marge in Ohio. On the back she sent me a quote and her blog address. Her inspirational quote:

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." (Howard Thurman)

Wow, Marge, this resonates with me. I am on a quest of encouraging myself and others to Be YOURSELF! Come alive! Yes, that's what the world needs. People living out the beauty of their very own created selves! Thanks!
Love the layers and pops of color!
Click here to see the other cards that Marge created.

As more arrive, I will post them. And later this week, I will post the cards that I created and sent on their way to deliver some sunshine and joy to others.

iHanna is our gracious host for the swap. Check out the link-up where you can see all the postcard art that has been sent out with love.