Journal Prompts

When I hear the word, FEAR, I feel...

When I hear the word, FEAR, I think of...

When I hear the word, FEAR, I ________. (fill in the blank)

If I acknowledge my FEAR, I will...

Even if I am AFRAID, I will not be...

Fears are real. Fears paralyze us. Fears can be overcome.

One way that I have been able to overcome some of my fears has been through my own journey of learning about and practicing mixed-media art journaling.

Before this journey, I knew I was creative. I knew that I enjoyed art, but I wouldn't have dared to call myself an artist. I didn't go to art school, so I was afraid to call myself an artist.

I have learned through the process that I am an artist, because I enjoy and create art. Expressions of my created self that reflect the beauty of creation and honor the Creator of the Universe.

One way I overcame the fear of not "getting it right" was by giving myself permission to get messy; to tear and paste and randomly arrange scraps of paper on the pag

Today, we will create a simple background using scraps of paper and a gel medium.

Grab a stack of papers you have around the house, such as magazine pages with large repeated patterns, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, junk mail and even pages from old books. I dare you to rip a page out of an old book! It's liberating.