Journal Prompts

I  cherish . . .

I treasure . . .

I desire . . .

My desires become my . . .

My thoughts become my . . . 

My actions become my . . .

Here's another brave, yet raw attempt at a video tutorial for today's technique. It is a continuation of using everyday objects for stamping designs on your page. Enjoy!
Journal Prompts

My wisdom comes from . . .

Wisdom has taught me to . . .

My special light . . .

I am gifted in . .

Art opens our eyes to new possibilities and potential uses for everyday objects and "trash" items. I will use some of these items to create today's pages.

I love the lines of the container I saved from Wendy's. I noticed today that I could use either side, creating both a positive and a negative print. I tried it with a Staz-on ink, first.

Journal Exercise

When we meet a new person, we often ask them about their favorites. It helps us to get to know them better. It's part of developing the relationship.

List your favorites. Start with these:

My favorite color:
My favorite place:
My favorite food:

Apply this idea to getting to know your creativity better.

My favorite artist:
My favorite art medium:
My favorite color combination:

By exploring and experimenting with various mediums and techniques, favorites emerge. While I do enjoy the soft nuances of watercolors, I tend to gravitate towards the acrylics because they are so versatile.

I like to play around with various ways to incorporate words to my art page. For today, I want to share a simple technique that is a great springboard for a variety of ways to handle lettering on a page.

First, I painted each background with acrylic craft paints. I have been drawn to purples and turquoises lately.

Last weekend, I discovered Christine Hiester's art journaling work at bare branch blooming. This post (here) inspired me to try her technique this week.

I gathered an Elle magazine, an old book about explorers, scissors, a Stabilo water soluble pencil and a new travel sized box of acrylics. In my garden, I cut out a few possible poses for the silhouette art.
I traced each one with the Stabilo black pencil. In Christine's tutorial, she uses a wet paint brush to release the pencil onto the page. My brush had some acyrlic paint left in it and so I decided to fill in the silhouette with my blue-green colors.
I really loved doing these. I added some detail because just the outline of the shape was too flat, except for the side view, which was the easiest to do. I enjoyed the movement and mood of the other three better. What a wonderful way to add interest to my art journal pages, without having to rely on my limited drawing skills.

A few of these have already found their way into my journal pages.
close up view : potential found poetry source
probably my favorite one
one I did later with just the pencil and water, a side by side view, notice I used the magazine image on a journal cover, but not sure yet where silhouette will go.
"Overcome fear;
behold wonder."
(Richard Bach)

Journal Prompt

Fill in the blanks! Do this more than once, if you like.

Overcome _________; behold __________.

Last week, we talked about overcoming fears. It was liberating to just rip up pieces of paper and randomly paste them on the page. I liked the outcome. I discovered a theme. I let the pages sit overnight, then returned to them.

Layering in an art journal brings depth and texture to the page. However, I find it difficult to add the next layer, especially when I liked what I just finished. To overcome the "fear" of covering up the first layer, I remind myself that the layer is still there. The insights didn't go away. I can recall them in my mind, knowing that they have spoken into my next attempt to add dimension to the current page.

I chose a stencil to add an overall pattern to each page. On one side I sprayed some diluted paint over the stencil. On the opposite side, I chose some acrylic paints in colors that were on my art table. I just poured a little on the page and then rolled it out over the stencil. I picked another color and repeated until the page was covered in three different colors.

Starting afresh. A new month is like a vast adventure for me. I just returned from vacation where I toted my art supplies to the beach. The cabana next to our beach cottage became my art studio. I woke before everyone else rose from their slumber to capture my created self on paper before our day started. I found an area map that I used as a canvas, adding bits and pieces from my stash and the fodder I snatched before it hit the garbage can, like a wrapper from my sub sandwich and tags from clothes and beach stuff we purchased during the week.
vacation outdoor art studio!
work drying in the sun on the fish netting
fun dip wrapper, smiles fruit snack bag and the disciples hauling in fish
One of my favorite ways of getting the creative juices flowing has been making these inspiration journals out of everyday paper ephemera with glue and paint. (I learned the technique through Jennibellie's Inspiration Station online class.

Here's how the two journals from vacation are coming along:
Here's a lineup of the mini-journals I've started so far. They are so fun because I can keep adding embellishments or little hidden tags and other writing and doodles inside with permanent markers.