All art requires courage. (Anne Tucker)
Journal Prompt

For this next prompt, I encourage you to actually look at your face in a mirror. Look yourself in the eye, if you will. The book of Genesis tells us that we are created in the image of God. What do you see when you look at the image reflected back to you?

When I look in the mirror, I see...

After you finish this prompt, reread what you wrote and finish these sentences:

I noticed...

I am surprised by...

Over the next several weeks, I would like to introduce you to some of my "teachers."
I have been on this art journaling adventure for a couple years now. It takes courage and encouragement to try something you've never thought you were good at before. I have always enjoyed creative pursuits, but would not have called myself an artist.

I am an artist. And I love expressing myself in artful ways.

One of my first "tutors" was Daisy Yellow and her summer ICAD (Index Card-A-Day) challenge. She gives you permission to use index cards as your canvas.

Starting small builds up courage. And using an inexpensive "canvas" doesn't feel so risky. Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about her Art Journaling 101 and her new series Tangents and Tactics.

My icads from June 2013 on old flashcards
Gluing things down quickly and randomly brings me such joy. I haven't had much time to collage, but this week an old-fashioned cold decided to visit me, so I'm hunkered down in my comfy chair with a box of magazine images, a glue stick, a journal, some watercolors and a couple water soluble pencils. I have been expirementing with Journal Spilling as directed by Diana Trout.
my survival supplies
Diana flings around phrases like: "choose a random  journal page", "quickly now", "randomly choose a color", "scribble words",  and say "I don't care what this looks like" in order to promote freedom of expression.

Sometimes I get bogged down trying to imitate another artist's technique. Not so with Diana's approach. She cheers you on and gives you permission to "Take pride in messy, murky process pages."

She says: "This is step one in letting go." I need that step and whenever I just jump in, amazing things do find their way on to my page.

Here are some process pages that I made this week, while nursing my cold.

In this process, Diana encourages you to choose only seven to ten images. The two page spread below really surprised me. I didn't try to arrange the images (too much).

I let them fall onto the page and then I glued them in. After gluing, I chose one color to wash over the whole layout. Then some words popped into my head and I wrote them on the page. Be. Resting. Path. Course. Way. Love. Joy. Peace.
I scribbled some marks around the page and added some yellow to accent the orange wash.

For the next two page spread, I quickly scanned a magazine to cull out 7-10 images and some words. I limited myself to one magazine, otherwise I would have spent all evening ripping out pages. (It's one of my favorite things besides rip out words and pictures for future use.)

As I placed my treasures on the page, a vertical layout presented itself. I didn't paint until the following day, and I highlighted words with a gold paint pen.
I hope you'll try this random, fun, quick way to get some inspiration into your soul! I'm off to do some more, just because...I can.
I was wandering around the internet today. And I found a fun link-up at Seth Apter's blog (The Altered Page). Where REAL artists show their studios in process. Above is a view of my studio when you walk in the door.
I like this aerial view which I snapped while teetering on my swivel chair. You can even see scraps on the floor from some frantic late night ATCs  that I finished to share with my art journaling class today.
Stacks of supplies everywhere. So much for my thinking couch. I rearranged some things a few weeks ago, and don't know where to store these items yet.
My overflow table is overflowing with potential. And I love my view to the outdoors!

Make sure you stop over to Seth's page where over a hundred artist's reveal their creative spaces.
Journal Prompts

List your accomplishments.

List your resources.

List your questions about the future.

Make up your own categories to make a list about.
I returned to my work after a day or so. My frog prince was waiting patiently for me to add some pizzazz to these pages. The sparkling gold foil from my chocolate bar and the glittery eyes of my "prince of royal relaxation" caused me to grab a sparkly spray paint and a floral stencil.
After I sprayed the stencil, I flipped it over on the opposite page to add some of the color and negative image to that side. (I usually have some paper under my project, so that took on some of the design, too. I can see saving it for a future page.) The glitter in the paint was subtle, so I decided to get sparkle happy. I pulled out my glitter stash.
Did you know that glitter came in so many forms? You can find really fine glitter, shards of glitter, glitter in glue, glitter in paint, and the flakes of glitter we used in childhood.
I added some yellow glitter paint to the frog's crown. Then I remembered I had the wildflower stamp that I wanted to use along the bottom of the page. I chose eggplant purple chalk ink for the stamping. (Later in the process, I forgot two things, the acrylic spray paint and the chalk ink are water soluble. So when I added paint or wiped off excess paint with a baby wipe, I lost some of the images. Not a huge loss, but I learned to keep that in mind next time.)

Next stop, purple, metallic purple and antique gold paints to fill out the page.

Well, these pages certainly surprised me...I thought they would be all subdued and quiet, since I was going with a rest theme.

Apparently the kind of rest I long for is sparkly and bold!
I used a Sharpie poster paint pen in gold for the outlines. I really do like how this turned out, especially my "prince of royal relaxation." He makes me smile.
What does REST look like for you?
We've made it to the halfway point of our adventure!

Journal Prompts

I am...

I am not...

If I give up, I will lose...

If I don't give up, I will gain...

For me permission to rest is huge. I often find myself TRYING TOO HARD. I am learning to relax. Making art journal pages gives me time and space to take a break from the rush and stress of everyday life. It helps me move away from weariness and see the abundance around me and in me.

I had fun making this video, where I'm just using what I have and being myself in the art studio. No new techniques, just enjoying the process. I wish you rest. Enjoy your process!

Choosing Random Ephemera

I was going to post a second video showing the selection and pasting process, but it was too long. (I would like to learn how to speed up the film and add music, but not there yet.)

Below is the pasted down ephemera. I am excited about adding another layer tomorrow. I see patterns to doodle and my frog has a potential crown, which came from the bottom of the bee tag. One of those serendipitous happenings. Quite the picture of royal relaxation!
 Journal Prompts

When I am weak...

When I am weary...

When I am restless...

When I rest I am ...

Here I am with more raw footage from the art studio! My inspiration for this week's pages comes from none other than a humble Kleenex box.

Part I

You'll have to bear with my clunky openings and abrupt endings on the videos, editing is not as easy as it might look! Have fun seeing the pages take shape in Part II.

Part II