Seeing that that is my seventh post on this blog, I feel like this is more like a Grand Opening celebration link-up rather than a favorites. But the five posts that I am offering today, truly are my favorites so far. 

Modern Art: reflections on my first visit to the St. Louis Art Museum's east wing expansion. A must visit, if you are ever in St. Louis.

Summer Reflections: reflections on my summer art odyssey and discoveries.

Layers of Me: reflections on my present created self and some highlights from a recent workshop that I taught called "You Are Here"

Link Love: my first link with Link Love highlighting five of my favorites art topic related blogs that week

Get Messy! sharing the outcome of one of my 21 Secrets classes, called Journal Soup and the glorious mess I made in the process

I used to hate messes. I used to think being messy was counterproductive. But being messy and making messes is half the fun of creating art. I am very fortunate to have a room to house my art supplies. I appreciate that I have ample time in my life right now to experiment and learn new techniques.

I pulled out inks and poured them into spritzers. I lined up the silks, these creamy, glossy, sparkly acrylics I found in the stamping section of our arts and craft store. I gathered the basic black and white tube acrylics and some fun colors to play with including red, pink and blues. I found stamps that haven't seen the light of day in awhile. 

After I unwrapped two 4x6 canvases, I turned on one of my 21 Secrets classes, Journal Soup, taught by Kate Crane. Listening to her British accent, while I tried my hand at her techniques made for a very refreshing afternoon. Bravely, I carved a couple of my own stamps from craft foam and Speedball Speedy-Cut Easy print block.

Here's what materialized out of the mess:

leaf stamp using the Speedball printing block material.
hand carved stamps
thoughts...into a world that's of...
find your...
dreams are made of paint, passion and pure joy of creation

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Linking up with Random Journal Day over at Dawn's place.
Inspiration comes from many places. If you are a modern day artist, some of the time you interface with the online world. I am amazed at how many ideas and inspiring posts I could read if I had endless time. I thought you might like to check out some of the places I found inspiration this week.

Daisy Yellow {One who promotes link love and the first blogger I started following when I started my art journey. I have participated in her Index Card a Day challenge, which sparked my new found love for mixed-media art, acrylics and watercolor crayons!}

I Hanna {Inspiring photos, art journals, 365 collages and just plain fun to peruse her blog}

Diana Trout {One of the 21 Secrets Workshops facilitators, and I want to try her Sumi Smoosh technique}

Emily P. Freeman {Wrote A Million Little Ways, which I can't wait to read, 31 Days of Living Art}

Decoding "Art" {Thought provoking article that Kris Camealy recommended}