Journal Prompt

Have you ever had a brainstorm? Have you wondered how to capture it in words?

Here's a simple way to do so: Draw a circle in the middle of blank page. Set a timer for five minutes. Using free association, draw a line from the main circle to another circle. Make several of these connecting circles. Now start filling in those circles with words that you associate with the topic. As you go, you can add more connecting circles, filling them with words, until you feel you have exhausted the topic.

Do you notice any connections or insights?

This is a great way to organize your thoughts, especially when making decisions.

I thought it would be fun to brainstorm about YOU! So write your name or the word ME in the middle of your circle and have fun brainstorming all about what it means to be YOU!

 Below is a way to adapt this idea to an art journal page.

I thought it might be fun to use a different shape besides a circle to start out my "me" collage. I had some shape stencils on hand from my scrap-booking supplies. I chose a balloon stencil.

If you don't have shape stencils, cut a shape from piece a paper for a template.

All the skills needed for art journaling, I learned in kindergarten. How to cut things out, how to color, how to paste things on paper, etc.

Spring boarding from one idea to another is all part of the creative process.

 For my free association words, I decided to grab some words that I collected from magazines to see if any fit me.

Before starting my brainstorm, free association fun, I wanted to give my background more texture. I slathered on a thicker layer of gesso. I like to experiment. So I grabbed the wildflower stamp to see if I could make an imprint in the wet gesso. Voila!
(To speed up the drying, I pulled out the hair dryer. Hint: Move your magazine words a safe distance away, otherwise they blow all over the place.)

Once I regathered my words, I started coloring over the dried gesso with the markers. I used turquoise for the flowers.
Pretty cool! I lightly wiped the surface with a baby wipe to soften the marks. By doing this it pulled more of the color into the white flowers. I colored the rest of the page with bright pink, and then framed the whole page with purple.
At this point, I blended the whole page by gently going over each color with the baby wipe. To keep the colors from getting muddy, I would find a clean section of the baby wipe before smearing the next color. Instead of making all the flowers turquoise, I added some yellow and red to the white flowers before blending them in.

As I continued to work with the page, I chose a balloon shape to house "me." Instead of webbing off of that shape, I imagined many balloons off the page with just their strings hanging down into my picture. Those were my lines, where I placed my free association words. I didn't find very many in my pile that spoke to me, so I pulled out a magazine to search for more words that I felt better described me.

I got caught up enjoying the process and forgot to take photos as I went along. So you'll just have to imagine how the images and words evolved on the page. I did use the glossy gel medium to apply the words, which gave them a nice sheen.

Here's my reflection on me today.

I noticed that it's not all about me; life is about me & you. This page reflects what I value in my role as your souldare facilitator. This adventure is about you and me savoring moments together.

While much of art happens in solitude, it's within community that we experience the delight and joy of creating art and being who we were created to BE!


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