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Yesterday I was...

I know...

I don't know...

In Fall of 2013, I came across an online class called 21 SECRETS, where 21 different art journaling artists offered video instruction and encouragement for creating art journals. It would be difficult to say which one influenced me the most.

One of the classes that surprised me was "Sparkle-arkle" by Dion Dior. In it she taught  various applications of glittery products on the market. She has a subtle way of using them, and I have found that I do enjoy using the glitter paints and metallic paints to add sparkle to my pages!

Here is my sample from her class. (The objective was to use many layers to create an abstract image. To be honest I didn't like the outcome, but it was worth learning the techniques.)

Later, I went back and tried the techniques again without layering over the flower image. It is fun, when you can recreate something and make it your own style!
Neither one of these art pieces would be a typical background for my art journal, but the techniques can be applied to any page. Also this shows me that one word with an image constitutes an art journaling page.

Sometimes one word is all I need to express my soul. Dream is a powerful word for me, and I find it recurring in my art and writing. When I notice things like this, I file them in my mind for future journaling topics.

What recurring words or themes are you noticing on this journaling adventure?


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