Journal Prompts

Tomorrow, I will be...

When opportunity knocks, I will...

"Each morning is the open door to a new . . ."

Watching other artist's work in quick time fuels my creative tank! Enjoy some inspiration with three talented art journaling artists.

Roben Marie Smith

I love the music. One thing I learned from her was that you could doodle paint on a magazine page and then incorporate it onto your page. She uses copies of her art from other art journals, too.

Danielle Daniel

Please know that I am not promoting anyone artist or their classes. I just want you to see their process and glean ideas for your own pages. Enjoy!

Below is my attempt at drawing a face. I am not confident with eyes so I used a stamp to make the eye. The little girl in the art is a copy of a photo from my childhood. I was at a petting zoo. I was inside the pen with goats, while my mom, grandmother and baby sister watched me bravely approach the goat. I always wondered who took the photo: was it my dad? (He's not in the picture, so it could have been him.) I like the whimsy of this page and it celebrates my childlike imagination.
Make a photocopy of one of your favorite childhood photos to use on your art journal page. Let it inspire a trip down memory lane or a flight into fanciful imagination. YOU CHOOSE!


07/20/2016 4:22pm

Thanks for sharing these video tutorials for the people who want to learn the art and the way how they can make such paintings. The idea to share such videos is so important for the people who want to have these video tutorials with detail.


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